Heating & Furnace Installation
Cincinnati, OH

Heating your home is a major undertaking, and with so many options on the market today, choosing between one major brand and another can be an overwhelming decision. When it comes right down to it, furnaces and boilers manufactured today utilize the same safety features, controls, heat exchangers and even offer similar choices of efficiency. The difference between manufacturers isn’t going to guarantee superior heating or lower utility costs. The greatest influence on the efficiency, operation and longevity of your furnace comes down to installation. You need a reputable, experienced and conscientious contractor. You need Quality Comfort.

Prompt Heating Installation

Our certified technicians don’t rely on shortcuts to get the job done quickly. For us, it’s not just about efficiency and customer satisfaction, but safety as well. We take the time to check to see that your ductwork is clean and unclogged, and the proper size for your new furnace. We prioritize the proper size measurements on sheet metal fittings to connect the new furnace. And Quality Comfort will be around in ten plus years when you’re counting on seasonal maintenance and competent repair work. We’ve built our family owned business on referrals from satisfied clients, and are proud to uphold a commitment to superior installation and service.

New Heating Systems

Furnaces have become more efficient in recent years. A gas furnace manufactured in the 1970’s usually has an AFUE of around 65%. Recent regulations allow a minimum of 78% AFUE for new furnaces and several models achieve near total efficiency with 97%. By replacing your antiquated furnace with a new energy-efficient model, you can save an average of $17 for every $100 you spend on fuel. You’ll face fewer repairs, enjoy quieter more stable comfort and benefit from cleaner, healthier air.

Furnace Installation in Cincinnati OH | Heating System Replacement

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New heating equipment is a major investment. Make it a smart investment. Call the professionals from Quality Comfort. Heating homes in the Cincinnati area is our business and keeping our customers perfectly comfortable is our focus. We deliver personal attention to every job, guiding you through each stage of the process, from choosing the size and features of your ideal furnace to explaining warranty coverage and providing yearly maintenance. Our comfort technicians strive to minimize disruption to your home and property, keeping the jobsite neat and tidy, and going above expectations to fulfill your expectations. For a free estimate on new equipment installation, call Quality Comfort!

Heating & Furnace Installation in Cincinnati OH