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Your furnace is a critical part of your day-to-day comfort. Heating units are one of the most costly appliances Americans purchase for their homes and heating makes up the majority of the average energy bill. Most heating repairs result not from defective parts but from human error. In other words, when you neglect seasonal maintenance, your furnace fights back with rising energy consumption, noisy and spotty performance, and inconvenient breakdowns.

The solution is simple, convenient and affordable. Call Quality Comfort to schedule annual service. Our informed and courteous professionals will set up a plan that fits comfortably into your schedule, maintains your equipment at peak performance, and avoids voiding your warranty coverage.

Furnace Tune-Ups

Regular tune-ups reduce repairs over the life of a system. Fewer repairs mean your heating system costs less to operate. Not only that, a properly maintained furnace runs more efficiently for longer, sometimes lasting twenty years or more. By cleaning, inspecting connections, lubricating moving parts, checking system controls and ductwork, the specialists from Quality Comfort will save you money on both utility bills and system breakdowns.

Heating System Service in Cincinnati | Furnace Maintenance

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises having a contractor perform annual pre-season check-ups of your heating and cooling systems. By scheduling preventative maintenance with Quality Comfort in the fall, you’ll be prepared for winter. Our certified technicians will uncover any potential problems, making sure your furnace can heat your home effectively throughout the cold season. And you won’t be stuck waiting for replacement parts when you need your heating equipment the most.

Heating service extends the life of your furnace and reduces your energy usage!

Not only does dirt buildup wreak havoc in the system, decreasing efficiency, but also the furnace’s capacity to generate heat decreases, impacting other components like the air handler’s ability to push heated air into your home. You just aren’t going to feel as warm in your home as you’ve been in the past.

Convinced that this fall you should schedule an annual tune-up for your furnace? Regular maintenance from the conscientious professionals at Quality Comfort is the very best investment in your continued comfort. Regardless of make, model or age of your unit, we’ll maximize your equipment’s productivity. Call Quality Comfort today!

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